4 Vegas Pools to Consider on a Summer Trip to the Sin City

poolWith summer drawing closer, there are a lot of us who are planning for the perfect getaway and this means hitting the beach or the nearest pool. But, if you want to combine some fun and thrill with cooling off and fending the heat away, Vegas is also a cool option. The casinos and hotels here are more than just gaming halls; they are also home to really awesome pools. In fact, many casinos here double as resorts as they have a strong emphasis on creating the perfect place for the entire family not only for the population that comes in Vegas to hit the jackpot. Here are some of the best swimming pools in the city that you might like to consider on your next summer escapade.


For the finer things in life: Azure Pool, The Palazzo Resort

The daytime pool here offers quite an opulent experience and this is one of those places where popular personalities try to keep a low profile. There are so many cool things that you can do here from enjoying Wolfgang Puck’s menu to spending some time relaxing at the Spa or enjoying the complimentary fresh fruit and frozen grape. This is certainly a decadent treat for those who want nothing but the best and the pool concept is quite fresh. Plus, you can look forward to getting outstanding service from its staff. Poolside brunch with signature dishes by the hotel’s legendary cool is also possible.


For a Palm Tree vacation: Blu Pool, Bally’s Las Vegas

The outdoor pool happens to be quite popular and this is a good place to be when you want to throw your cares away. The outdoor pool is quite oversized too, making it great for wading. If you want to lose track of your day, this is just the perfect choice for a pool. With its attentive poolside personnel and the surrounding palm trees, it would be easy to imagine that you are somewhere off a tropical island rather than a Vegas resort.


For a rooftop pool deck experience: Drai’s Beach Club, The Cromwell Las Vegas

You do not have to venture far out from the Strip if you want to be in an elevated area as you can enjoy the view as well as the pool at this rooftop pool deck. The view from the deck is really unique and no one can deny that it is really sophisticated. There are also a lot of towering palm trees in the area which provides shade to people who are hanging out in the pool. From here, you will also have a better appreciation of the skyline in Vegas.


For a contemporary pool experience: Liquid Pool Lounge, ARIA

One of the most defining characteristics of this pool is the contemporary ambiance which is certainly distinctive and the amenities here are all high tech. There are also cabanas and other amenities that offer seclusion while you are here but there is no denying that the setting itself is already exclusive. There are also DJs that can set the mood to really lively beats while allowing you to feel quite comfortable in the secluded place behind palm trees. The chaise lounge here is really comfortable and this is the perfect refuge if you are planning a summer trip. Plus, the menu is quite mouthwatering and there are refreshments that can soothe your thirst.


Escaping the heat happens to be open of the primary goals that you will surely have once summer rolls in. And, if you are trying to make the most of your summer vacation, a trip to the pool will certainly be part of the itinerary. And, if you want to gamble and at the same time enjoy summer, the pools in Las Vegas will certainly be a good place to visit.

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