5 reasons to play online bingo and socialize at the same time

dsPlaying bingo in a silent, empty bingo hall might not be everyone’s idea of a good night out. For those who are looking to socialize and enjoy the game of bingo at the same time, online bingo just might be for you – a bustling community where you can meet friends, play the game, and enjoy a busy night all in the comfort of your own home. Here are five reasons why you should socialize while playing online.

1. No more silence

Since everything that is happening is available on your screen, you don’t have to wait, or sit in silence paying absolute attention to everything being said as you would in a bingo hall. This gives you time to talk with other people involved, both online and offline.

2. Automatic marking when playing

In a normal bingo hall, you would have to wait for the numbers to be called and then you would mark it them off one by one. When playing online bingo, every time a number is called it gets registered automatically as part of the game. This means that you don’t have to worry about missing a number, something that happens very often in traditional bingo.

3. Socialize in the online chatroom

Every bingo website offers online chatrooms to all users that allow you to say as much as you want with everyone involved in the game. Gamers have even came up with their own words and shortcuts, such as HABO (Have A Better One), or BLNG (Better Luck Next Time) – so next time you see these terms being used in the chat, you will know exactly what is being said.

It is the perfect place to make new friends, not just locally but internationally. Unlike the Bingo halls where you only have contact with the persons next to you, and maybe not always have the chance to talk depending how much attention they need to play the game.

4. The chatroom games

Many great bingo websites offer you the option to play other games against the new friends you make. You can team up with them to play bingo together, and often when a winner has been decided; they can pick their next opponent – giving everyone something to play for, all in a friendly competitive nature of course.

5. Play with friends at home

Why not make a night out of it with your local friends? Organize a perfect Thursday or Friday night: buy some chips, maybe even a bottle of wine or three, and make your own bingo night inviting new friends from the chat rooms or your own friends and get together for an evening of fun bingo.


So next time you find yourself bored at home with nothing to do, why not log into an online bingo website and see where it takes you? Making new friends, enjoying a competitive game, and hopefully winning some extra cash – what is not to love about that? A great way to spend a fun evening with similar minded people from all over the world at any time of the day you want, all while you sit in your pyjamas.

Good luck and HABO!

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