Best Apps to Enjoy at the Beach

beachGoing to the beach happens to be one of the most interesting things to do when you are looking forward to a holiday as there seems to be a lot of excitement when you can enjoy the sea and the sand. While you are out sunbathing or you are trying to get a quick break from taking a dip, you can always whip out your smartphone to read, play a game or try your hand at jackpot slots. With so many things that you can possibly do at the beach, here are some of the apps that you can tinker with while you are enjoying a soak in the salty waters or under the heat of the sun.

Boom Beach

While you are in the beach, it would be nice to play a war game. One of the most enjoyable games that involve beaches is Boom Beach which is a game where you have to protect the local islanders from Blackguards. You also have to help the locals in reclaiming what is actually theirs while at the same time considering the number of troops that you have and the scarcity of resources which are available to you. This can be an interesting game especially if you want something that will challenge your tactical strategies.

Beach Moto Racing

For those who love races better, there is also an android app which is set at the beach. You are bound for a really adventurous game with this app. You can pretend that you are bound for a motorcycle race at the beach and spend some time controlling your character and speeding things up so that you will win the game.
Instagram: There is no denying that wherever you may be, it will be awesome to catch the moment in cam and share your newest adventures to the world via social media. A lot of people are already using this app and there is nothing wrong with taking the time to snap pictures and communicate with your friends.

TuneIn Radio

While at the beach, listening to music is also a great thing to do, nothing beats enjoying all your favorite songs while bumming at the beach. You can always listen to your playlist or you can take the music lover in you to a whole new level by listening to any station from all over the world. This app will allow you to appreciate all kinds of music genres and you can chill out while jumping from one station to another until you find the station that you like.

Tides Near Me

Whether you are on in the beach to get a tan, go walking or simply hang out, it would be useful to know the tidal conditions. Tides Near Me is rather simple to understand and it is really refreshing. This app lets you know the last time for the tide and the time for the next tide. This app can give you information in various places and it will also give you the time when the moon or the sun will rise and set. This can be really enjoyable to use when you are planning activities.

Google Play Books

While at the beach, one of the most enjoyable things to do is to catch up on your reading and if you do not want to haul a lot of books with you, it would be more convenient to use your device. One of the most awesome apps for reading e-books is Google Play Books. You can upload Epub and PDF books and it supports cloud syncing allowing you to read a book on your device and continue reading on your tablet right where you left off.


The beach is definitely a great place to have fun but finding the time to stay under the shade and play with your device would be really nice. And, you have a whole plethora of great apps to choose from.

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