Getting Started with Online Slots

wheelOnline slots, in terms of game structure, are very similar to their real-life counterparts. Obviously, they are more convenient, as people don’t need to travel anywhere to play. A simple click can give the excitement of real live slots – all in the safety of people’s homes. But they lack the physical aspect of live slots (the sounds of the coins being inserted, the flashy lights, the feel of the lever) which some say takes a lot of the fun out of playing.

But still, the insane popularity of online slots cannot be denied. There are a lot of casino sites that offer different varieties of online slot machine games. Some sites offer free-to-play games, while others offer players the option to choose whether or not they want real money involved.

Kinds of Online Slots

Online slots are limitless in kind. The two most common ones are the progressive and non-progressive types. Jackpots in progressives are usually larger than those in the non-progressives, mainly because the amount increases and accumulates as more players try their chances on the machines.

Other slot machines have up to 7 reels, multi-line payouts, and bonus slots, wherein players have the chance to earn extra games or free spins.

Signing Up and Getting Started

First of all, online players will need an internet-capable device and a stable internet connection- this is particularly important since you don’t want your winnings to go kaput in the middle of a game.

Choosing the perfect online slots site is entirely up to you. You can consult online reviews and forums, or you can try out free slot games in the meantime. Banking methods will differ from site to site; some sites will use credit cards, MasterCard or Visa, while some can be paid through MoneyBookers, AlertPay and other kinds of e-payment schemes. Find some online gaming friends and let them help you out in picking a good site. Cross-check the site with others. There are sites that will require you to download a game client and some that will not (i.e. in-browser games). No matter what kind of gaming system it has, make sure that site is reputable and it has a valid gaming license.

Online Slots and the Casino Payback Percentage

The payback percentage is the amount that the casino will return to players within a specific number of games. To ensure transparency, payout percentage reports on games are usually posted . The ones where there are favorable payback percentages are usually the best sites to play online slots. Some say that online slots have better payout than live slots, mainly because websites have much lower maintenance costs than casinos and can therefore afford to reward their players more.

Winning at Slots

The best way to win at slot machines is to study the kind of slot machine that you are playing. What kind of machine is it? Non-progressive or progressive? Study the payout percentage and hit frequency. Determine its pros and cons. And be aware of “bonus features” like a wild card or an extra game.

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