How Can I Win at Bingo?

bingo button on computer keyboard keys vector keyboard key. keyboard button. Vector illustrationMy family and friends think they know me pretty well. What they don’t know, however, is just how much of a fan and passionate player I am of a little game called bingo. Which is shame, because one of my favorite topics of discussion, although it might sound strange to your average Joe, is the question; are you good at bingo games?

For me, at least, being good at bingo is a passion. I’m always looking for ways as to how I can win more, just as someone who wants to get better at something should. Through a couple of years experience of playing – and just as much reading – I’ve identified a few ways that can help someone win at bingo.

Winning Opportunity

Of course a lot of people say that bingo is purely luck. That it’s impossible to increase your chance of winning. Wrong . There is one way of increasing your chances of winning and it’s simple and pure mathematics. You buy more bingo cards.

Buying more cards means you have more combinations that can match winning numbers. Sure you can’t predict what numbers are going to come up, but the more cards you have, the greater the probability of some of those numbers matching.


Peculiarly, there also exist several bingo ‘systems’ that can help people identify good cards from bad. The first, the Granville system, was invented by a mathematician and analyst of the same name who, based on his expertise, was actually something of a success in the investment world, owing to some pretty bold predictions.

Granville looked into bingo and suggested that players look to purchase cards that have as much symmetry as possible. That means a balance of odd and even balls, of high and low, and a similar quantity of numbers ending in the same number. According to the laws of probability, said Granville, you’d do better with a card of this kind than any other.

Based on my own experience, I’d say there isn’t much to this system as all, cards, over the long run have an equal amount of chance. Still, it’s worth a try if you’re super curious about how you can win at bingo. Granville even wrote a book of that same name.

After Granville there’s also another system. Tippett’s System, invented by L.H.C. Tippett, is different to the aforementioned one by suggesting that in a 75-number game of bingo, the longer the game continues to play out, the closer to the median number, 38, you should go toward.

To understand this more easily, that means that in the early stages of a game you’re going to see numbers closer to 1 and 75 and later closer to 38. With that in mind, Tippett suggests picking cards with numbers close to 1 and 75 in shorter games and numbers closer to 38 in longer games.

Like Granville’s system there’s a caveat here. There is actually no way of knowing just how long a bingo game will run for.

How to win at bingo? Pretty much still down to the way I suggested at the beginning. Buy more cards.

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