Ladbrokes’ Online Slot Machines: Review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith more than 500 games online, Ladbrokes has really established itself as a leader in gaming entertainment. With the reliable software, Playtech, you can spend an evening testing your luck on one of the many themed slots. Whether you’re just looking for inexpensive fun, or something with a large payout, you will find what you need on the Ladbrokes site.

In terms of site layout, Ladbrokes has a user-friendly interface that you might already be familiar with, if you use any online casinos. You can filter through the games easily, so you can find the one that’s right for you. You can sort by name or popularity, to save yourself from scrolling through pages of slot games.

Each slot game will come with details on how you can use it and which devices it’s compatible with. If you really want to play your slot games on your mobile device, there are plenty of options available. There are also free to play slots, if you’d like to get used to the game before you stake any money. This is a great feature that means you don’t have to get nervous about playing your first slots game, or worry that you’re wasting money.

Some Of The Most Popular Slots Machines On Ladbrokes’ Site

Rainbow Riches

A colourful experience, Rainbow Riches has a free to play option for beginners, and allows stakes of 1p to £25 per line. The most you could put down on a single spin would be £500. This makes Rainbow Riches a versatile option that’s great for newbies and rich veterans who want to achieve high payouts.

Monopoly Plus

If you have a nostalgic love of Monopoly, here is the perfect slots machine for you. The maximum bet is £300 – so not as high as Rainbow Riches – and you can achieve level up bonuses, which increases the potential payout that you could receive. Due to this function, Monopoly Plus is ideal for a more experienced player who understands the slots machine well.

UFC Slot

With MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) taking the sporting world by storm, the UFC slot machine has become increasingly popular. It’s a good idea to learn more about this martial art before you begin, as you’ll be asked to choose your favourite fighter before you begin. You can stake up to £500, and your fighter will do its best to get you incredible winnings – they’re even on hand to unlock free spins.


Of course, there are more slots machines where that came from. Ladbrokes is a trusted name in the casino business, so beginners will find this a great place to start, if they want to indulge in the world of slots. Keep an ear out for any promotions or offers – these are timely, and it can make a huge difference to your winnings. And, as always, we wish you the best of luck.

What’s your favourite slots machine? Let us know!

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