Strategizing in Bingo: Try Some of These Techniques

Fotolia_93042987_Subscription_Monthly_MDespite what you see and read bingo isn’t always down to luck and the numbers that roll out. Yes, that’s a huge part of it and, for the most part at least, you’ll be at the mercy of whatever fate is destined to have in store for you. That said, there are a couple of things you can do in terms of ‘strategizing’ your approach to playing bingo. Trying just a couple of these might even open your eyes to even newer techniques and ways of playing too.


Before delving into some of the techniques you might want to go about using when it comes to the game let’s first answer the question; why not play bingo?

And while answers like ‘well because it’s fun, obviously’ might be our first response, need we mention that you can, despite not understanding the complexities of other casino games, win fairly nice jackpots too. Now, let’s get back to strategizing.

Since mathematician Joseph Granville studied the game to prove that there do in fact exist strategies of winning, you’ll see that there are methods and observations that work. Some of these include the fact that common numbers reoccur frequently thanks to the distribution of bingo balls and that, by choosing cards that hold equal amounts of numbers ending in sequential numbers, you can increase your chances of winning.

It’s not foolproof, and, of course, doesn’t suggest that there’s anyway of predicting a stream of bingo balls that matches all the digits on your card. The more cards you play though, the more chance you’ll have of winning.


Practice, as it does in all endeavors, goes a long way too in helping you get a bit of an edge in bingo. Play long enough and you’ll observe the frequencies with which balls come out, as well as the mistakes that beginners might make in terms of marking their cards incorrectly or simply not playing enough rounds.

Practice will also help you understand the finer nuances of the game, get you more used to the features of the sites that you play and enable you to run through the whole process faster, thus giving you more time to play more games and raise your probability of winning.

Patience, another critical factor in bingo, will also come by allowing yourself time to practice. Observing how the game works and how so much of it is down to luck is likely to stop you getting frustrated and making silly mistakes.


Where and how you play is also a key part of an effective bingo strategy. Making it your priority to avoid congested rooms helps you increase your chances of winning because there will be less people in contention. Now, this is isn’t always a great idea given that a busy site can indicate a safe place to play online bingo, but if you can get the best of both worlds, a quiet game on a safe, secure site, then, by all means, absolutely give it a shot.

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